My Inspiration for The Havana Elephant Brand

My Inspiration for The Havana Elephant Brand

The Mighty Elephant - A Symbol of Power, Wisdom, Celebrating Life and Stylish Living

 I often as a leader in business drew inspiration from nature and animals when conveying my uplifting message. One magnificent creature that I find myself returning to time and again as a metaphor is the elegant elephant.

In many cultures, the elephant stands as a symbol of strength, power, wisdom and good luck. The largest land mammals on Earth, elephants have an imposing presence that demands attention and respect. Yet they move with a graceful deliberation that we would be wise to emulate. Resplendent in their colorful, freckled skin, I am also struck by how an elephant's style conveys confidence and flair.

Just as an elephant is not afraid to act boldly in going about its life, we too must adopt an adventurous approach to life and personal style. So let loose your inner self and dare to don that extravagant ensemble you've been eyeing! Express yourself audaciously through fashion just as the elephant does through its fabulously printed hide.

For all their whimsical styling, elephants also remain focused and intentional in how they live. They consider each step carefully before proceeding steadily towards their goals. We humans would do well to copy this measured approach as we move through life. Pursue your most outrageous dreams and bold visions, but temper the pace with patience and perspective, as elephants do.

In many ways, our elephant friends seem to innately understand the importance of community, kinship and celebrating the joy of simply being alive. As herd animals, they band together united as family units where all individuals matter. We must nurture similar bonds with our fellow humans. And like elephants that delightedly splash about cooling off on a hot day, we must embrace life's little pleasures when they come our way.

So channel your inner elephant today by thinking massively, dressing fabulously, surrounding yourself with a supportive herd and seizing each moment with awe and wonder. Our elephant guides demonstrate it is possible to be both careful and carefree, stylish and steady, kind-hearted and bold. Adopt their giant-sized dreams and daring fashion sense, but temper it with their community-centric wisdom. So, emulate the elephant, The Havana Elephant as the ultimate recipe for living your grandest life ever!

David J Sime


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