PART 2 - The Importance of learning to like yourself and living by the phrase "Go Big or Go Home"

PART 2 - The Importance of learning to like yourself and living by the phrase "Go Big or Go Home"

 Part 2 

Sometimes chasing huge, daring goals means enduring criticism from others. Here are five ways to stay resilient:


  1. Assume good intentions

 Believe critics likely mean well. Their skepticism may come from caring - not cruelty. Extend grace and recognize most humans want to protect, not tear down. 

  1. Consider the source

 Weigh the source of criticism. Feedback from experts who know your goals may deserve more thought than offhand remarks from casual acquaintances.

  1. Shake it off

 Let unhelpful or overly negative criticism roll off you. Remind yourself it's one person's opinion, not absolute fact. Their judgment doesn't have to define you.

  1. Insulate with supporters

 Surround yourself with positive people who counterbalance the naysayers. Stay connected to your cheerleaders for affirmation. 

  1. Grow thicker skin

 Use criticism to build resilience and determination. Let doubters fuel motivation to work harder. A thick skin will help you weather any negativity.

 Chasing huge, bold goals requires tireless work. Here are five ways to maintain motivation when ambition feels draining:

Track progress

 Celebrate every concrete step forward, no matter how small. Record progress in a journal or app. Tangible evidence of advancement energizes continued effort.

  1. Vary your tasks

 Mix necessary drudgery with more interesting aspects of your goal. Breaking up routine with variety helps recharge motivation.

  1. Take regular breaks

 Schedule time to fully detach from your work. Let your mind rest and refuel so you can return with renewed purpose. Don't let burnout sap your drive.

  1. Find support buddies

 Connect regularly with others who support your ambitious quests. Fellow driven people will uplift you when your zeal starts flagging.

  1. Revisit your “why”

 When dedication wanes, revisit the values, vision and purpose behind your goal. Tap into that emotional fuel to reignite your motivation. Your why gives work meaning.

 Going big often requires financial sacrifice or risk. Here are five strategies for pursuing ambitious goals when money is tight:

 1. Get ultra-frugal

 Slash discretionary spending to direct as much money as possible toward pursuing your goal. Cut out unnecessary expenses like takeout and entertainment.

  1. Earn extra income

 Bring in more money to fund your goal by freelancing, starting a side business or monetizing a hobby. A few extra hundred a month goes far long-term.

  1. Apply for grants or funding

 If eligible, seek financial help by applying for business grants, scholarships, contests or crowdfunding. Free money helps offset costs of pursuing bold dreams.

  1. Partner up

 Combine resources and skills by partnering with a liked-minded person who shares your goal. You can conquer more together at a lower individual cost.

  1. Get resourceful

 Think creatively about free and low-cost alternatives. Can you barter services, use hand-me-downs or repurpose items? With ingenuity, less is often enough.

 Reaching for huge goals often demands extreme time commitment. Here are five tips for liberating more hours in your day: 

  1. Wake up early

 Wake up 30+ minutes early to secure quiet time for goal-related tasks like planning and preparation. Early morning offers few distractions.

  1. Schedule focus blocks

 Dedicate multiple long blocks of time solely to your ambition each week. Protect these focus sessions by turning off devices and avoiding interruptions.

  1. Cut time wasters

 Reduce or eliminate activities that steal time without contributing meaning. Limit TV watching, social media and leisure web browsing.

  1. Automate tasks

 Streamline tedious parts of your goal like data entry or bookkeeping by using digital tools that automate processes. Delegate rote tasks to buy time.

  1. Limit meetings

 Attend fewer non-essential meetings, calls and video chats to preserve big chunks of distraction-free time. Politely suggest email for issues not requiring extensive discussion.

 Sacrificing for big goals often means missing out on fun experiences. Here are five strategies for coping with FOMO:

  1. Reframe as JOMO

 Rather than dreading Fear Of Missing Out, try savoring Joy Of Missing Out - the satisfaction that comes from actively choosing your priorities. Reframing FOMO creates gratitude.

  1. Plan limited indulgences

 Occasionally participate in feared missed events by planning controlled indulgences. Attend one friend gathering a month or watch one show a week. Moderation prevents deprivation.

  1. Create your own JOMO fun

 When missing events, choose life-giving activities that energize you like hobbies, nature time and exercise. Pursue enjoyable alternatives within your priorities.

  1. Focus on your gains

 When FOMO strikes, redirect attention to all you're gaining by chasing your goal. Appreciate your progress rather than what you're temporarily missing.

  1. Trust it's temporary

 Assure yourself any fun experiences you miss are only temporary. Once you achieve your goal, there will be time again for TV, events and leisure. This too shall pass.

 Going big often requires prioritizing your ambitions over unhealthy habits. Here are five strategies for letting go of behaviors that don't serve your goals:

  1. Replace the habit

Whenever you crave the unhealthy habit, redirect to a positive replacement. For example, call a friend when lonely or take a walk when bored.

  1. Remove triggers

Avoid people and situations triggering your habit. Unsubscribe from media promoting unhealthy behaviors. Manage your environment.

  1. Make it difficult

Add obstacles to engaging in the tempting behaviors like locking up credit cards or deleting apps. More steps creates more time to rethink.

  1. Reframe slip-ups

If you revert to bad habits, reframe it as an opportunity to learn rather than failure. Analyze what triggered it and how to avoid next time.

  1. Reward progress

Celebrate increments of time without indulging the habit. Treat yourself to something that energizes your goals like adventure outings.

Rebounding from mistakes and failures is crucial when pursuing ambitious goals. Here are five ways to bounce back stronger:

  1. Give yourself grace

Avoid beating yourself up over errors. Talk to yourself with kindness and remember failure is part of progress. Self-compassion reduces shame.

  1. Analyze what went wrong

Carefully diagnose the root causes of what didn’t work rather than harboring regret. Identify specific lessons so it won’t repeat.

  1. Brainstorm solutions

Instead of dwelling on the problem, direct energy toward generating potential solutions. Creative problem-solving restores hope.

  1. Take action

Proactively make changes to implement lessons learned. Taking concrete steps prevents stagnating in shame over failure.

  1. Remember the big picture

Reconnect to your “why” and the ultimate vision whenever you falter. The big picture perspective puts setbacks into context.

Pursuing extremely ambitious goals often requires help and support. Here are five ways to expand your tribe:

  1. Share your dream

Open up to trusted friends and family about your biggest, boldest goals. Giving loved ones insight makes them more likely to support you.

  1. Join communities

Seeking out kindred spirits helps you find cheerleaders. Join related groups online and in person to meet potential collaborators.

  1. Offer value

Build your network by offering value rather than just asking for help. Share your expertise and connections to attract the right supporters.

  1. Check in consistently

Strengthen bonds by checking in consistently with key supporters. Expressing interest and appreciation nurtures relationships.

  1. Collaborate on shared goals

Work together with those pursuing similar big goals. Brainstorming and troubleshooting together builds trust and accountability.

Staying grounded amid the intense pace and pressure of going big is crucial. Here are five ways to maintain perspective:

  1. Celebrate small daily accomplishments

Make time to appreciate the tiny triumphs along the way like an efficient workout or sticking to your schedule. Even tiny progress deserves cheers.

  1. Spend time in nature

Escape the constant striving by immersing yourself in natural settings. Forests and oceans humbly remind us that life is bigger than any one ambition.

  1. Invest in your relationships

Don’t neglect nurturing relationships with loved ones as you chase huge goals. The human connections make the journey meaningful.

  1. Take a weekly tech sabbath

Power down devices for a full day each week. Enjoy simple pleasures and get lost in face-to-face connections. Unplugging keeps purpose in focus.

  1. Write in a gratitude journal

Regularly write down all you have to be grateful for - from health to basic comforts. Gratitude journals boost perspective.

Going big and going home means mustering the courage to pursue your biggest, boldest dreams while accepting that true meaning and contentment ultimately comes from within. Chasing external achievements endlessly without building

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