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Glass of Champagne - Car Seat Covers

Glass of Champagne - Car Seat Covers

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Transform your ride into the fanciest vehicle on the block with our Glass of Champagne Car Seat Covers! Because why settle for a regular, boring car when you can cruise around in style with a touch of bubbly? Made for those who know how to live the high life, these covers will have you feeling like royalty every time you slide into your driver's seat. So go ahead, pop that champagne and toast to luxury - without spilling a drop on your seats! Cheers to driving in decadence! 🥂🚗 #LuxeLife #ChampagneDreamsMade with top-tier, thick polyester fabric for long-lasting durability. These seat covers come with an elastic fastening system that delivers a secure, snug fit that is tool-free and easy to install. Both covers feature identical designs. .: High quality thick polyester fabric .: One set contains TWO seat covers .: Quick and easy installation .: Black back cover .: Identical designs printed on both covers .: NB! These car seat covers should NOT be used on a seat with side airbags



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